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A Wild First Birthday Party!

September 21, 2017

My baby girl is officially One year old!! It feels like yesterday we were in the hospital waiting to take her home. Over the past year, my daughter’s personality has emerged and she is such a wild child. She is constantly in motion. It is very rare that she allows me to sit with her and read her a book. When I was thinking about birthday party ideas it seemed obvious that it had to be something WILD.

Norah is WILD and she is turning ONE and so the theme was born: WILD ONE!

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10 Travel Tips from a Former Hotel Employee

June 15, 2017

Traveling is a lot of fun but it can also turn into a nightmare if you don’t plan properly. The last thing you want is to spend a boatload of money on a babysitter, pet sitter and tickets to a show only to have the worst vacation ever because the hotel you stayed at was like something out of American Horror Story. To make sure you have a wonderful travel experience I have created this list so that you can make the most out of your vacation.

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