The Magic of the Christmas Season: A Reflection

December 22, 2017

The Christmas season is such a magical time of year. When the days get shorter, and the air gets colder, the festive lights give me a reason to smile. This time of year has always given me a feeling of warmth. All the Christmas decorations, lights & joyful tidings help with my winter anxieties.


The Magic of Christmas: A Reflection; Spread Joy and Love this holiday season




I love all the fun traditions and decorations around Christmas, but I always make sure to ground myself to the real meaning and reason for Christmas. It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season and lose sight of the spirit that is Christmas. Christ is Christmas. He is the reason for all of this, and it is essential to reflect on our lives and be the light for others to follow.

I think it is very appropriate that Thanksgiving is a month before Christmas. Thanksgiving prepares our hearts to accept the joy of Christmas that enables us to give an outpour of love and kindness. During Thanksgiving, we search our hearts to find what we truly appreciate and are thankful for, once we know what our hearts hold sacred we can decide how we will share that love with others throughout the Christmas season.

Reflecting and sharing our joy should not only be done once a year. We are all human and will undoubtedly become sidetracked at times. This season gives us the reminder we need to put forth our kindness to others. Practice makes perfect so the more we interject this into our lives during Christmas time, the more likely it is to spill over into our everyday lives.

The reason it is easier to find the kindness in ourselves this time of year is that we see it portrayed more by others. Have you noticed the wholesome movies on tv and feel good songs on the radio this Holiday season? The messages in these films and songs all teach us something. That is what we are missing in our everyday lives. There is not a lot out there any more reminding us to be kind and offer our joy.

During this season and throughout the upcoming year make it a priority to share your love with those who are in need of joy.

What have you done recently to share your joy and kindness with others? What has someone done for you to bring joy and compassion to your life this holiday season?


Christmas Story- Adam Hamilton

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    Thank you for the reminder to share joy and kindness this holiday season!

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